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Watch The Big Brother (1987) : Full Movie Online Free Scriptwriter Zee is a confirmed bachelor. Hero Wain is his devoted butler. Next door is no-good detective Gho and his complaining wife Kit. Kit is beautiful and vain. Zee takes Goh to a macho convention chaired by young and handsome Mau. Without Goh knows, Kit works as a waitress there. She falls heavily for Mau. Zee gets the highest prize - a beautiful slave girl. She immediately turns the Zee household upside down. Zee wants to escape. Goh learns Kit's romance with Mau. He asks Zee for help. But Mau defeats their every move. The slave girl becomes the master mind. She devices the plan and unveils Mau as a slave trafficker. Above all, she proves woman is much more macho than man.

Release Date:Oct 01, 1987
Casts:Alex Man Chi-Leung, Simon Yam, Michael Miu, Jimmy Au Shui-Wai, Emily Chu, Connie Mak, Lee Heung-Kam, Robin Shou, Yue Tau-Wan, Alex Ng Hong-Ling